Portfolio: final printed portfolio

I've finally bound my portfolio, it's a 297mm square with a Japanese four-hole bind. There are ten pages including the cover and about/contact page.   The case is string bound, similarly to an envelope made from the beir paper from GF Smith. I definitely think there are things I could have done a bit better, maybe by getting it … Continue reading Portfolio: final printed portfolio


Material/Process/Print: Critical and Design Thinking

Within critical and design thinking we look closely, we analyse, we observe and we see what can be improved. Critical thinking involves thinking factually, vertically, rationally and convergently. Design thinking involves speculation, thinking laterally, emotionally, subjectively and divergently. We focusing on these processes and taking them into our studio practice and applying them to our current … Continue reading Material/Process/Print: Critical and Design Thinking

Matierial/Process/Print: Real Review analysis

The Real Review is a publication initiated by the REAL Foundation (an architectural foundation) using analysis and inquiry the magazine evaluates what it means to live today. A collaboration between Jack self, the founder of the REAL foundation and the Real Reviews editor-in-chief, and OK-RM (Graphic designers).  The magazine itself was designed by OK-RM, the illustrations by Nishant Choksi, the typeface used … Continue reading Matierial/Process/Print: Real Review analysis