Tate Britain

I’ve never visited the Tate Britain before, so I could only really imagine that it would be like the Tate modern. But it’s actually very different. The interior architecture was something I immediately noticed. The colours are so lovely to look at especially with the blue sky coming through the windows. I really like it when museums/galleries have beautiful interior architecture that doesn’t surround the art pieces, the architecture acts more of a gateway to the separate galleries .

I went to the Tate to go see Ophelia, as a friend had wanted to see it. So I didn’t really know what was on display there and again had no expectations. However I came across a lot of art work that I found so intriguing. For instance the picture at the top right of Gilbert and George’s England 1980. The colours used and the fact that there opposing obviously makes it jump out at you. But also the positioning of the models and the gridded pattern over the images. I think its the combination of these things that attracts me to this piece, but really I’m not too sure. There’s just something about it. To be honest I never really know what attracts me to a piece of art work.

Also Naum Gabo (top middle image) was someone I had to research at secondary school and really didn’t have any kind of affection towards his work. But seeing it again about 4 years later, I found it so beautiful so delicate. I guess it goes to show that our tastes can change.

Oh I also had to go see Tracy Emin’s bed, which was kind of underwhelming. I don’t really know what I expected. It make me want to have a bed like that and have that mess surrounding it. In a way though knowing the concept behind does make it more interesting. It makes me want to be messier than I already am.


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