The Eric Gill Series

I didn’t know much about Eric Gill or about typography before I went to this exhibition. But it was so interesting. I have to admit I didn’t concentrate so much on Gill’s history, mostly just on the type fonts and the sketches behind them. It was such a cool insight on typography.

I also really liked the curation of the exhibition, it was simplistic and clean. Everything was just so well presented, I really liked the labelling of the pieces on display. It was just text stuck on to the glass.


I really like the letter bellow from Stanley Morrison, its so simple but I just like that he says the g should be more like this and the same with the r. It makes me want write letters like that too. He’s incorporating his drawing/type fonts on to them, you don’t get that now, really.

I think my favourite font has to be both Gill Sans shadow below, I like that you create the rest of the letter in you mind and that its not actually drawn.

We also had a talk by some of the people running the exhibition, which was so insightful. One of them was a typographer and he did some little tests of type which was so effortless. I want to be able to do that, I love to become a typographer.


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