Mark Making

I actually really enjoyed mark making, I like being quick with my work and coming up with something abstract. I’m not a great drawer but I love doing experimentation. Especially when its people. I really need to get into the habit of doing it more.

It was quite interesting because we had to draw a person walking in a certain way. Some of the walks were quite difficult to create a drawing out of, so I ended up with something quite abstract. As you can see with the images at the bottom.

The second exercise I found a bit more difficult when making the masks, I felt like I had no direction.  But we decided to go with an animal influence and I thought of a fox and it went from there. It was fun to have no clue and then just have ideas snowball, especially if you in a group. I also think the drawing I made of the masks were actually really good. They were clear for once and may drawing I don’t think its ever clear what they are.



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