I was really looking forward to typography. There’s something about that manual process of putting a sentence together that I am really drawn to. The process was so much easier than I thought it would be. The tricky part was holding the stick (tool you use to place the letters on) properly and placing the letters the right way up, having the groove facing upwards. Then placing the letters on the bed and inking them up was pretty simple. Which helps as it makes me want to do a lot more.

I found by the end of the two days of using the letters and having to find each one I knew where a few were, and I had become quicker at picking them, which I just found really exciting. It also made me really want to sort out the whole tray of letters. I love sorting things out like that.

Looking up all the terminology was surprisingly  a lot of fun, I like having that knowledge. It was a really nice relaxed exercise.


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