I really enjoyed all the drawing exercise for this whole week, they were like nothing I’ve ever done before. For the first exercise we had to draw an emotion that we randomly selected from a pile of emotions that we had each written down. I got boredom, which at first I had no idea how to convey. But whats more boring that simple so I drew the simplest door I could. For the next exercise we had to draw we had a to the front of a house that portrayed a certain situation, I had to draw a retirement party. I made the house look really old to imply the age of the tenants and put balloons outside to imply the celebration.

I final exercise was to draw the emotions of certain parts of the building and use one of our favourite drawings as a poster to convey a particular emotion. I found this quite difficult actually, not the drawing parts of the building but putting on of those drawing into a poster. I found the whole putting the image down on to a poster surprisingly difficult. I think due because I wanted to evoke the emotion through the texture and colours. I think I was just setting myself up for failure there as I can never get colour right. I also ended up spelling attention wrong. Which really made me lose motivation for the poster. I did manage to redo it in my sketchbook.


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