Modernist Architecture walk


It was kind of surreal seeing all this very modernist architecture, I think because I’d seen it in pictures an never expected it to be so close. Also because a lot of it looks very American, so I felt really transported. I guess it was a really good window into Modernism. IMG_4686IMG_4682IMG_4684


IMG_4695The Isokan had to be my favourite it’s so clean and sleek. It’s previous use is also so interesting, house such amazing practitioners such as Agatha Christie, Marcel Breuer and Walter Gropius. IMG_4693IMG_4690

I also really liked the Hopkins house I think it’s the most amazing house I’ve ever seen. Its shape for one and the fact that its all glass windows. The blind used almost become the walls creating a kind of illusion. It’s so beautifully layered out so structured, that’s what I really look for in architecture and what I find so inspiring about it.



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