The Sartorialist: X Book

I guess you could say this is partially a ‘practitioner of the week’ post, its more about the book and its layout. The Sartorialist: X is a book by Scott Schuman “sharing the visual and cultural diversity of the world that surrounds us all   As of late I’m really attracted to picture layouts that utilise white space, which is what this book is all about. I tried to find who helped do the layout for this book or who the graphic designers were but sadly I couldn’t find them.
sart man and writingsart double page spread

sart image across to pagessart white pages and imagesartorialist book cover


What I also enjoyed about this book is that its a collection, not just of people and what they’re wearing. But the emotion that they carry with them in that very moment, its also a collection of connection that Scott Schuman had with each person.


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