Pick Me Up













Pick Me Up is one of the coolest exhibitions  I’ve ever been too. Weirdly I expected it to be full of colour and mind-blowing, my expectation was so on point.

A few of my favourite emerging designers and illustrators, were Daniel Fletcher, Corin Kennington, Alice Bowsher, Dan Singer, Julian Glander, Isabel + Helen, Marie Jacotey, and Camilla Perkins. In fact all thirteen were really cool but these were definitely my favourite.
















Some of the pieces shown I found so fascinating, like Daniel Fletchers screenprints they we’re so bold and bright. Also Corin Kennington used mirrored ink it look so amazing.

Something really interesting was the glass cabinets filled with each of the designers/illustrators process work. For me that was the best bit, I love seeing how people brains work whilst their design and the process.


























IMG_1525 IMG_1513

I couldn’t leave the exhibition without buying anything, there we’re some really interesting made books on such obscure topics. The cooking related books particularly grabbed my eye. The yellow one is full of screenshots of films using food and the ways that they use the food. The other is just a cookbook. They are so beautifully printed as well.


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