Utterly Moving Words final film

For the crit I had two films ready, one that took me a good few days to prepare and film and the other that I did in about 30 minutes.

I have to say it wasn’t until the day of the crit that I knew which one to show. I felt really insecure with the one I had planned out, for me it looked like rubbish. I felt I hadn’t put enough time and effort into it and that generally the idea was crap.

So with a help from a few friends and their creative encouragement, I made a new film. I didn’t write about in my sketchbook because really it was a silly sideline, a film made in a time of panic. Ultimately it wasn’t me, that film didn’t belong to me it was an amalgamation of  ideas.

I’m so much happier with the  I actually ended up showing, there are several thing I am going to improve on. Like the sound, I think i’m going to get the sound of cars going by. I might even make the film a bit longer, by really emphasising the emotion, I’m not too sure in what way yet.


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