Map of the sky

I use the map on my phone almost every day, it’s far too familiar to me. But it’s really not my favourite kind of map, it’s not personal at all, its definitely not tangible and it doesn’t look nice either. The maps I really like are the kind that you wouldn’t normally think of, a map of a face, or brain. But what I find even more interesting is when someone makes a map of an are or place in a completely unconventional way.

Like this one by Langlands and Bell, these maps are of airline routes across the world that have been screenprinted.


Day air routes. From V&A website. 
Night air routes. From Langland and Bell website.





















I was drawn to these at first because of their colour and because I didn’t think they looked like maps at all. After looking into they just became more fascinating, I want to know how they found these routes. What was they’re process?  Where can I get one to hang in my room? I think they look so beautiful.


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