Lisa Wallius, a Case Study.

I had the great privilege of having a quick Q and A with Lisa Wallius a Graphic Design student studying and living in London. We spoke about where she sees herself in the future, what she did before graphic design and her views on collaborative work. Find her blog here.

Are there any projects you’ve been particularly happy/proud of? 

The Utterly Moving Words project, I struggled so much with ideas, for two weeks or more. I had no ideas. All I knew was that I wanted to use found type. I collected millions of little letters. It wasn’t until the last week that I actually got an idea and did the animation in two days, it was very intense. My bedroom was covered in random letters, I even lost a few and ended up having to draw them.

Lisa’s Utterly Moving Words film.

Lisa’s own photo of her utterly moving words work.

Was there something that initially drew you to graphic design?

No. I kind of thought about it for a long time, like since I was 17 maybe, but I haven’t wanted to do anything about it because I thought the industry was so competitive and that I would never make it. But then after trying out other stuff that I didn’t like I started here.

What were the things you tried out?

I studied sign language, for a while. Also art conservation, that was not fun. I thought it would be really fun and crafty. It was just very scientific, especially at the uni I was at there wasn’t really any focus on the crafty side of it. It was so much science.

Do you think collaboration is key to developing a persons work? 

Yeah, I  think so. Just working with other people gives you different ideas and looking at other peoples work or work process helps your ideas and your work process as well. Its great if you’re stuck on something, it could be just someone saying a random word and that gives you an idea.

Outside of this course is there anything you like to do to keep your creativity alive?

I’d like to keep it more alive than I do, but I’m really bad at it. Sometimes I just get into a mode where I want to draw for a whole day and I do that. Other periods it’s been too long since I’ve done anything for myself outside of uni. But I mean you can be creative in different ways, just by like cooking, or arranging your books in a certain way in your room.

Is there something in future that you see yourself doing?

No, I would like to travel a lot, that’s basically it. Other than that I hope I live a happy and fulfilled life.


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