Personas, Task Models and User Journeys

Our first project is to make an app, in order to do this there are obviously several things to think about and be aware of. In Friday’s lesson, we learned about the user experience and getting to grips with the concept that the people that use the app are the ones you need to please rather than yourself.

You have to consider the personas which are the types of people to use the system, task models which show what task a user needs and expects to be able complete a goal. There are also user journeys these describe the visible steps that a user goes through to complete a task.

We also got a talk from the leader of Interior design at the Cass, she spoke on mapping and gave us loads of completely different ways to map and use infographics. It was really inspiring because I got a real idea of what is possible before I was really boxing myself in with the idea of a map. She mentioned mapping of experiences/emotions, primary and secondary mapping and also mentioned a very beautiful website


My persona.


















My task model.












My user journey to buying a notebook. 



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