Dialogue Studio: Narrative Mapping

I found Tuesday’s lesson surprisingly difficult, we had to draw the emotion that we saw in these images of people that we had brought in. For some reason I couldn’t wrap my head around it, usually I love abstract thinking/drawing, but this was challenging I think because I was drawing something I was quite sure on.



Then we had to draw circles of different sizes and intensity to represent the colour in 5 other images. This was much easier, but I wish I had been a little more creative with it, I think I was put down by the first task that I didn’t try.

The final task we definitely more fun, doing a line drawing of 25 places we’ve been on the tube. Then we had to superimpose these drawings onto a photocopy of our hand.




















The last two task were mostly to do with spatial awareness/appropriateness of text on images and also with block colour. These tasks I enjoyed, mostly because you can try out so many variations and just have fun with it really.


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