Dialogue Studio: Prototyping

Friday’s class was really interesting, watch the Ustwo video about the Monument Valley game was very insightful. It gave me a real idea of how to go about the app we have to design and what to put into it regarding storytelling. The story is something I want to get right and be fairly integral to my app.

We then looked at several of the apps we use and discussed them, for instance, what’s the first thing that you see in the app, how you use the app (buttons, swiping etc.), key features of the app. The was quite fascinating because it dumbed the apps down making them a bit more comprehensible because the idea of making an app is very daunting.

Later we went on to use the Marvel app, which was surprisingly easy, I thought getting the basis for our app would involve so much coding or something.

Our last task was quite fun, we put the images of the emotion that we made on Tuesday on to these phone templates to get a feel for what out app could look like. The type I’ve used is just a mock-up, I’m going to finalise them for our next lesson. Β evernote-snapshot-20161023-184324




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