Dialogue Studio: Ustwo

Ustwo seems like a really colourful place to work, where there is never a dull moment or project. They make/build digital products services and businesses.

Now looking into them I realised that I’ve seen their logo pretty much every day going in to uni, because their studio is based in the heart of Shoreditch.

Mills and John Sinclair started off as most studios/businesses do in a kitchen working frantically on their computers. But they both had a common goal to do something that they are passionate about and to make work that the world sees. They started off with some pretty good deals working with Sony Erikson, which swiftly brought them in money, and they began to grow their studio. Bringing in people that they knew they would get along with.

Most of their projects have been apps that the world has seen and have in fact brought them a lot of money in the process. Not only do they do their own projects but they also work with other companies, which I think is pretty admirable because it means they’re not settling.

Image taken from Ustwo website.


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