Nik Hill: His journey and his work

Nik Hill and ex-student of London Met who studied motion graphics came in to talk to us about his work.

Once leaving uni he freelanced for a bit, trying to make ends meet doing the odd bit of commercial work. After freelancing for a company called Territory, they eventually hired him. He’s managed to work on some major projects with them, that have really made his career.

In his talk, he gave us some really good advice, to “live and die by your brand” “make a brand for yourself, get yourself seen”. “Everything falls back to design, after effects, Cinema 4D are just tools. At the core of it you’re a designer, it’s all about your ideas”. We may here these kinds of things from our tutor even though they’ve been in our situation. Just hearing it from someone who’s in the industry, and them drilling it in makes it seem more real.

Nik went into such great depth about his journey, about going on job seekers allowance and what its really like to be a designer. It was refreshing to hear.

This is his website of all his work.




Image taken form Nikill website.


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