Dialogue Studio: Applied arts marathon

I found Friday’s task really hard, I’m such an overthinker so when is comes to things that you should do quickly and simply I usually end up doing the complete opposite and get nowhere.

There were three tasks within this marathon and we had to do 50 outcomes, the first was to do with beauty and we had to take photos of things we or other find beautiful. Well, that was the basis of it. Another one was to redesign a movie poster using one element of design and one principle of design. The last task was to do with self-portraits, we had to create a self-portrait that described an aspect of ourselves but using visual metaphors.

So each had their own difficulties and I quickly decided which was my favourite (easiest).


Here is an example of the second task, these are two variations of a poster for Silence of the Lambs, I think I prefer the one on the right but I don’tย think either represent Silence of the Lambs very well. I also realised after I had finished both posters that I have use two principles of design rather than a principle and an element, so I didn’t get off to a great start.




All images used are my own.



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