CIP: Dirty Shirts break down / part two


  • 20 medium shirts + 20 large shirts – £2 per shirt = £80
  • Own brushes and paints = £0
  • Packaging – 50 brown paper bags for £12.48       (incl. VAT and delivery)
  • Adhesive paper = £2.49, 10p printing cost to print the logo onto it.

Total: £95.07


  • Each t-shirt costs £2.37 to make.
  • Production time will be £7.60 per hour
  • So we can sell the t-shirts for £10
  • This would result in us making £400 if we were to sell them all,

Making a £304.93 profit.


  • Brown paper bags, Cost effective, Disposable and lightweight for the customer. Also strong enough to hold a t-shirt.
  • Using stickers with our logo to secure the bag shut.


Time scale:

  • We’ll have an assembly line to create the t-shirts. Some drawing the outline and some painting over it in acrylic.
  • 25 minutes per shirt per person
  • Four people working on shirts – 4 1/2 hours work each.
  • Stickers: 10 minutes placing and formatting our logo onto the page, 30 minutes cutting the individual stickers using a guillotine.

Total of 18 hours.

Promotional ideas:

  • A public facebook post
  • Could create a hashtag customers could upload pictures of their shirts? “Omg look at this shirt it’s cool af #dirtyshirts”
  • Maybe add a date to the hashtag



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