Dialogue: Grids and Buildings

This Friday’s lesson we went back to basics with typography. At the beginning we had a short presentation by Sara on typography rules and the things to do and not to do with type. We the went out into the surrounding area of the University and took pictures of building focusing on the grids the the hold and the grids that they make. We also took a few picture of grids inside the University.


After taking the pictures we moved on to Indesign and made grids on some of the images we had taken. From this we used some sample text and placed it within the grids making sure that it fit with the image and the grid itself. We created two documents per picture one just of the grid and the text and one of the image text and the grid.


Here is an example of one of the images with the sample text and grid. I stupidly did the grid in black at first, however I later changed it to white.


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