Dialogue: Persona Map of me summarised

So for my Map app, I have chosen to map the restaurants in London that my brother has taken me too.  I am going to represent the restaurant through the food/dishes that we had. So I’ve started looking into food photography, such as Mowie Kay (http://www.mowiekay.com/) who has done a lot of projects for English supermarkets.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 17.19.03.jpg

I’ve also looked and read this book called Food Player, thoroughly. This book presents you with so many companies and practitioners who have used food in unconventional ways. Another thing I looked into was other food apps and their colour palettes and the ways they represent food.


Although food photography is very cool and I would love to explore it more, realistically making and getting food for all the restaurant me and my brother have been to is a mammoth task so I want to look into other ways I could represent the food.



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