Dialogue: Riso Printing

Today’s lesson was a carry on from the previous Friday, we used the images that we created last we and chose one to make a Riso print out of.

At the beginning, we looked at everyone’s building images that they had chosen and saw what had to be changed so that it could be Riso printed. We then went on to make the changes and do some research on what you have to do to images and text for the Riso printer. So the text and the image had to be on a separate page if you want them to be different colours, it also has to be a certain point size.

After these changes it’s was finally ready to print. You have to print the images out in black and white so that the Riso printer can pick up the contrast of the colours.

I decided to print the main image in this pinky/red colour and it came out so nicely. I was going to do blue for the type but decided on red again, which came out amazingly.





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