Working for Yourself

Our second talk of the day had to be one of the most interesting. As it delved into a part of the creative world I hadn’t considered. Whether you want to launch a company, have an idea, want to start a business or launch a product. There are loads of things to take in to consideration

When working for yourself you have to have passion, be able to promote yourself, be good at planning and know your finances.

When it comes to pricing, you need to think about your client. What do they value? Also what do your competitors charge? What are the industry norms? What makes you stand out? Most importantly get advice from someone who knows the industry better than you. Another thing to think about is if your ask to work for free, is project worth you while? Weigh up the project?

Furthermore, always have a contract. Whether its an email or an formal contract, make sure you both know the hours that are needed and when the deadline is.

There is also copyrighting your work, make sure to have all your ideas, sketchbooks, designs, even scribbles filed and dated. You cans sell an idea, but thats just a one time thing the buyer now has the idea and you can’t do anything about that. Yet there is also licensing, you can license your work to many people.

Another good tip mentioned was to never mix personal and business bank accounts, you’ll get confused as to where your money is coming from and how to balance the money.


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