Small magazines, big ambitions

The other day I managed to go to my first Stack event, in which three people were being interviewed about their small publications. They were Liv Siddall who is the editor of Rough Trade magazine, Jack Self editor of Real Review and Steven Gregor, ex-editor of Gym Class Magazine.

It was really fascinating hearing them talk about how their magazines got started and where they were before. They also gave out some great advice. For instance, with indie magazines, there seems to be a certain standard that they have to be made from really nice stock, a certain number of pages, with beautiful illustrations and photographs from a selection of practitioners. There are these fictional rules. Liv mentioned this magazine called the Belville Pages, which was made by two guys in their house, they collected poetry from their favourite poets and printed them on a single piece of paper. Selling them for 30p each. Things can be simple and still beautiful.

A friend and I managed to talk to Liv after the talk, she had some really interesting things to say about finding what you want to do really simple and obvious but hearing it from someone who is in the industry made it so much clearer. She said to look back at your week or month and notice what you enjoyed doing at uni and what you didn’t enjoy and go from there. Do something you like.

It was a great experience to get to talk to people about their work and what’s best to do for yourself.



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