Creative Industry Practice: Fig Taylor

By far one of the best people to receive a talk from, she gave us some of the best information ever.

I’ll just bullet point the things she said because she mentioned a lot of key things.

  • Before the how the why. Know who you showing you portfolio to.
  • Don’t have a confusing portfolio, make sure each image/piece is the right way and that each page leads nicely into the next.
  • Don’t have a style as a Graphic Designer. Have a versatility in terms of thinking, have a lot of work that shows what kind of designer you want to be.
  • If you want to be a certain thing have LOADS of it in your portfolio.
  • Still, think in a specialist way, employers are lazy show them what you want to do.
  • There is no limit/minimum to the number of pages you should put in. It all depends on of the purpose of the portfolio. Everyone will ask for something different.
  • There is a huge difference between a uni portfolio and a professional portfolio. Universities want to see your development, employers want to see that you get it right everytime.
  • You can have development as an extra, but don’t actually put it in.
  • You want to have a bunch of work you believe in!
  • Don’t put in work you hate doing.
  • Don’t put work chronologically, put published work first.
  • Nice to have print work, can be practical, good as a backup, cheaper.
  • A3/A4 no bigger. Eyelets and use plastic leaves.
  • Pay attention to the background of your work.
  • Don’t overcrowd.
  • Have a cross-platform digital portfolio, laptop presentations take longer than iPad.
  • Be completely self-sufficient.
  • Have a plan, minimum fuss, short amount of time, easy to use.

There was so much more said, but I think these are the key things to remember.



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