Pastiche 1560: Storyboard

For my pastiche I knew I wanted to focus on the way Sofia Clausse works and I knew I wanted to show I wanted to have clips of me doing similar patterns to her like the gif below.

Untitled-10 (1).gif

This lead me to research her more and look into the notes that I made from her talk she did for the Hot House. This got me thinking that maybe I could map her journey, where she’s studied and where she lives now or at least have it represented as she mentioned that where she’s lived and her heritage have influenced her and grown her love for type.

sofia storyboard 1

After coming up with this I went start to filming and soon realised how much it was lacking and that ultimately the film has to be a maximum of 60 seconds and each shot wasn’t giving enough information. So I thought maybe to simplify it instead of making it more convoluted to just focus on why I liked her work, but this made me think that maybe the viewer would think it was my work and get confused.

sofia storyboar 2

This lead me to my final storyboard, in which I show a few clips of me representing Sofia have the world map show her journey and then layer on top text from the voice over. Ultimately I came full circle.


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