Anthology: Screen prints and Riso prints

I managed to do some screen printing on Friday, and start experimenting with layering my imagery. I really wanted to try screen printing the sea, just to see how realistic it might look. But it really didn’t turn out well, mostly because the image was too heavy so the ink flooded the screen.

blue seaCLG0182_140.97.34.34_2018-02-20_15.34.28.168.jpg

These are just two of the outcomes, I trued several times to make it work. However I think i’m just going to have to try again with a lighter image. Or just try something different.

I also tried riso printing it, which worked slightly better. But, the negative messed with the ink, as you cans see in the middle. CLG0182_140.97.34.34_2018-02-20_14.16.31.043.jpg

rope and boat screen p

These were a few attempts at layering. Again my screens weren’t well done, so a lot of the imagery is completely flooded with in. Yet I like some of the textures created. Below it looks like a mouth a little. I also did a little test in photoshop with a riso image of rope. Just to see how the two would interact.

layered rope and screen print

blue screen p rope


red boat drainwg  copy.png

Some of the textures from the screen really worked in my favour for the boat above. I’m not too sure that’ll be something I’ll carry on though. We’ll see.


These are a few texture test I did with the riso, just seeing how the riso would produce this really nice rope texture and the barnacles too. I’d like to try and incorporate these some more.

red riso rope transbarnacles


Anthology: Collage research

Its come to a point where I need to move on and develop my work. So I’ve started to look a little deeper into my text and collage as a medium. With my piece of writing, there loads of motherly and female related visuals and references that I’d love to utilise.  I really don’t want them to go to waste. These are a few key quotes that I think lend themselves to be visually represented:

Then out of the ocean inside my mother was a thump-thump. It must have been a fish.”,

“A woman pregnant with a daughter carries three generations in her body.”

it seemed the ocean inside my mother was creating great waves to throw the out and onto land.”,  

“crashing against her shores.”,

My mother didn’t seem to notice the Atlantic was coming out of her and just looked around at the ceiling.”

What I’m stuck with is how to represent these aspects of womanhood.  I think drawing a women would lend itself well here. I’m not great at it, so maybe some continuous line drawing or more abstract drawing styles. I say this because finding an appropriate image to collage with is really difficult, unless I was to take my own photos. Which is also something I’ll try.

However I have been looking into more interesting forms of collage and how I can mix mediums, like letterpress, riso printing, or even screen printing. So this is also a possibility. I think I’ve just got to be clever about where I go with it and think wisely about the choices I make.


Here are a few interesting collages, that I’ll take inspiration from.

Some are slightly more relevant than others, obviously none of these use text which is what I’m looking into next. But what they do, do is use women and texture quite interestingly.

Anthology: Collage and layering

I did a few more collage and layering experimentations, I cut out some sails from pictures of the sea and fish. I also managed to photoshop an image of the sea so that it looked red, which came out quiet interestingly. I found if I actually changed the colour of the image it looked quite sinister. I wasn’t too sure if this was appropriate for this piece because of the red Atlantic comparison to blood or if it just looked scary. So I ended up layering a transparent layer of red over the top of the image.

boat on red sea


red sails blue sea

At this point I’m just having fun with the imagery and doing some layering experiments.

sea sails

Anthology: Initial responses

After reading the text a few times to get a feel for it. I started pulling out key themes, words, places even. There were a few different types of boats mentioned, like an Eastern rigs fishing boats, a dagger, sailboats. Our Lady of Good Voyage Church was also mentioned, which I’ve depicted a little of below. There are also small things mentioned like, “scrape the barnacles off their hulls” which paint nice pictures. 



These are just a few small sketches and paint experiments. The blue flecks are small waves and the blue swirls come from the Our Lady church.


Another few small sketches, I attempted drawing but it’s really not my strong suit so I resorted to tracing. I’ll probably return to drawing with ink maybe or doing some quick/continuous drawings. Those usually turn out quite interestingly.

boat sketchesboat with water

Anthology 2: Red Atlantic

We were given our anthology text this week, I managed to get my second choice which is Red Atlantic by Dominique Sinagra. She says the text is inspired by the confessional poetry of Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath, whilst also drawing inspiration from Frida Kahlo’s paintings. The story is an evocation of an “East Coast US childhood through a series of imagistic scenes.” The piece is a culmination of images from childhood, an emerging sense of self, it follows marriage, birth and near loss. 

The piece is so visually rich, often referencing boats and fishing, and highlighting the area in which the story is based Gloucester, Massachusetts. It also brings in some nice childlike imagery, coming from the perspective of a 6-year-old viewing her mother giving birth.

Here are a few initial visuals I’ve collected.

These images show the area in which the main characters father takes his boat to fish and the boat he goes fishing in. In the piece, it says he would go fishing with his crew for up to a week, then return to sell the fish. I quite like the blues and greens depicted in the image on the left. These could be quiet interesting to use.

Here is an image of Our Lady of Good Voyage church in  Gloucester, MA the church is mentioned because the hill that her father used to live on would look down onto the church. She also mentions that the Mary that stands between the peaks holds a boat in the crook of her arm. Edward Hopper spent a few year in Gloucester this is one of his paintings that depict the view from Portugee Hill with the church in the distance. I’ve also put this beautiful picture of a eastern rig fishing boats which is one of the boats mentioned in the piece.

Material/Process/Print: Final cover design

cover draft 1.1

These are my final cover designs. I decided to completely bring it back and use a simple repeat pattern of crop marks. I prefer the cover above so this will go on my final book.  Ultimately I could have done something better, but I found the process too difficult and didn’t want continue designing. These were the designs I’m most happy with.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 3.57.41 PM copy.png

Design Comp: printed matter

We finally came to a conclusion with our wayfinding. We went for these posters, using the same type as our promotional posters and the same background. Simple but effective. Which I believe Karl designed.

Then the publication follows a similar format. A lot of it we would refine, like the map would be in our colour scheme with our type, but because of the lack of time we had to use the university map. The publication is a three fold booklet, that opens up to all the studios, with pictures of their work.

Finally the poster, which we also used for the front of the publication. It follows the same format as my previous design, but with a different colour palette.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 1.00.09 PM copy

Material/Process/Print: initial cover designs

I found designing the cover very difficult. I found the CMYK bars and crop marks, very constricting, and even when I tried distorting them I felt like they weren’t going any further.  Also choosing typefaces was difficult, I find I can never make my mind up.


I started off by being quite literal with the colour bars, by moving them around the screen and hoping that something stuck.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 3.57.05 PM copy

I then thought that it could be the colours themselves being too brash. This lead me to make the crop marks translucent. But nothing felt right. Even making letters out of the made the cover look far worse. So I’m going to keep trying by maybe dialing it back a bit. Maybe just have on thing on the cover and not over crowd it.

Material/Process/Print: developing designs


In the beginning I thought it would be helpful to do a few experimental design in my sketchbook. To get a real feel for the shapes themselves. But it kept cropping up that using indesign would be best to manipulate the shapes, as this felt too slow.


But as you’d expect using a computer had its own set of problems and set me in a bit of a rut. But I kept pushing through trying to find different people to inspire me, or send me on a helpful tangent. These are a few of my designs at the moments. I’m still struggling, I think it comes down to the fact that I don’t like the colours or the shapes.

Design Comp: Typography choice

After each of us did some experimentation with wood typography, we realised this wasn’t the best way to go. We landed on using the wood as a texture in the posters but not for the type. This way our theme could still be present without being to over powering.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 12.50.41 PM copy

Katie then made a typeface from her handwriting. Which although lovely, we felt was too sketchy especially if we were going to use wood in the background of our posters, publication and wayfinding. This is when we returned to Rift Soft the typeface I used for the first poster. We agreed that we use the same layout and same type, but have a background and alter the colours.

rift soft