Movement: Screen printing prep

Yesterday we were given the task to make a pattern that we would eventually screen print with the intention to use it as the back to out leaflet/poster. To start off I looked at space age patterns and it was coming up with really generic and basic patterns that although speak to space age I didn’t want to be so direct.


I see a lot of atom like patterns in conjunction with space age , so I thought I’d try and do something along those lines.


This is my final pattern, as we’re doing stencils I’m not going to do the whole thing but I wanted to print it like this to get an idea of where and where not to cut.

screen print pattern.jpg


Movements: Screen printing

I managed to cut out my stencil in a way that I was finally happy with although there isn’t much to it. I went with three of the most space age colours I could find, a dark jade, light sky blue and a deep orange. In doing my research on Space Age these were a few of the colours that kept popping up.

Sadly my prints didn’t come out the way I had hoped, the lines were probably too thin and as it was a stencil the paper kept moving about and closing the lines. The only pat that came out well was the green blocks, which are nice but on there own they don’t really speak to Space Age.

IMG_3638IMG_3639CLG0182_140.97.34.34_2017-05-12_11.33.01.692 (1)

Movements: Space Age layouts

There is a fair amount of continuity in the space age graphic layouts is crazy, pretty much all of the have a title or some text that inclines upwards, they also have a lot of spheres/moons/atoms in the background. There also very reminiscent of the 1960’s with the type choices


Below I’ve done a few layouts that sum up the space age, big titles, clear hierarchies.


Movement: Letterpress experimentation

I love experimenting in the letterpress room, because the outcomes are immediate and you can try so many different orientations/types. With this I had an idea of what I wanted to do going in, that I would focus on the incline of the text as that’s what I’d seen in a lot of Space Age graphic work, the text would look upwards as if to look into space.

I did a few sketches so I didn’t forget any of the ideas as they came to me, most of these I’m adding in patterns that’s just so I can get a feel of how I might want it to look eventually.


These are just a few examples of the prints I made, most of them came out  modernist/bauhaus I think because of the colours I used. Which is why I finally did a yellow one.

Movement: Initial research

We were given the task to look into design movements and choose three to focus on. I started by looking into movements that I hadn’t heard of before, like the Cold War movement but I couldn’t really find a lot about the movement and it mostly bleed into Space Age. I think most of it was associated with a V&A exhibition. So I moved on to space age/atomic age which I think is such a fascinating movement that was obviously inspired by the


So I moved on to space age/atomic age which I think is such a fascinating movement that was obviously inspired by the launch of the first spacecraft and atomic bomb crisis. There is a lot of curves and very futuristic leanings all over the movement, which is definitely what drew me to the age.


download (1)tumblr_nr3zzecQ171rge0cao1_500













I also looked into Memphis design, which was a pleasant surprise because I recognised the style but didn’t realise its name. It debuted in 1981 and came from the architecture group called the Memphis Group, the movement dominated the early 80’s with their pop art inspired work.


Another movement I came across, was deconstructivism. However although very interesting I wasn’t overblown by the work. It originated in the early 1980’s from postmodern architecture that gave off the impression of fragmentation and deconstruction.

d773aeff5a4da4a587f5b7f26263afacDECONSTRUCTION 4










Map of Me: Logo design

Designing the logo for the app was probably the easiest part. I knew that I wanted something food or restaurant themed, so started drawing napkins knives, forks, glasses, having the F and R involved. The knife and fork seemed like the best option, its simple yet effective.

I decided to use quite a thick outline for the design and have it fairly cartoony. Originally it was going to be grey which fitted in with the pastels and wouldn’t be so harsh as a black. However because the header background was dark blue you couldn’t see the grey, so I switched it to a light pink which fit with the type colour and background. It also fitted in with the restaurant that started this app (Rasa).



knife and fork pink.jpg

rasa pink type.png

Google Engage: Design development.

When it came to the design of the screen, I wanted to go a simple a possible. I don’t want to overwhelm the viewer.

So I started looking into typefaces that were easy to read, specifically on a screen.Colours that evoked certain feelings, like hope, happiness, calm etc. I settled on Helvetica as the typeface and yellow, orange, green and blue for the colours. Each colour representing a different activity.

I’m still wondering if I need to do more design wise, or if simplicity is my best bet.

greenyelloworange vertical bgblue vertical bg

Google Engage: Mockup screens.

Taking my placement images further, I managed to do a few mock ups of what the screen could look like. There are still a few things I need to figure out with the design. For example, I don’t think it looks nice/practical with centred text, I don’t know if having a horizontal screen is a good idea. Generally I need to find some kind of continuity between each screen.


maybe blue on box (1) copycan on brickhi on O pillar

Google Engage: DOOH placement

I’ve started to think about where I want to put my screen, where might it be best received and where do people sleeping rough go.


These are just a few examples, and I think initially it would be good to just focus on one type of location. So ideally I’d like to just focus on tube station entrances. They’re probably the easiest to work around and most of them have the same entrance layout.