Map of Me: Logo design

Designing the logo for the app was probably the easiest part. I knew that I wanted something food or restaurant themed, so started drawing napkins knives, forks, glasses, having the F and R involved. The knife and fork seemed like the best option, its simple yet effective.

I decided to use quite a thick outline for the design and have it fairly cartoony. Originally it was going to be grey which fitted in with the pastels and wouldn’t be so harsh as a black. However because the header background was dark blue you couldn’t see the grey, so I switched it to a light pink which fit with the type colour and background. It also fitted in with the restaurant that started this app (Rasa).



knife and fork pink.jpg

rasa pink type.png


Dialogue: Food Typography

Over the winter break, I managed to make the whole alphabet out of food. With each letters food correlating to the food of a certain restaurant.

It was actually a lot of fun, however generating 26 different ideas was quite hard. I had done about 11 and had already run out of ideas, I had to enlist help from my Mum. I think some of them definitely came out better than others and some I know I could have done better and will probably re do.


Dialogue: Food Photography


Food photography is really difficult. I tried with several different types of lighting, I tried different food, different backgrounds. It so hard to get right, managing to make the food look good and making the light look real. I have to say I really didn’t enjoy the process, I felt as if nothing was going right and that ultimately it probably wasn’t the best path for me to go down.

IMG_0979 2.JPGIMG_0978 2.JPGIMG_0977 2.JPGIMG_0973 2.JPGimg_0981-2

Dialogue: Riso Printing

Today’s lesson was a carry on from the previous Friday, we used the images that we created last we and chose one to make a Riso print out of.

At the beginning, we looked at everyone’s building images that they had chosen and saw what had to be changed so that it could be Riso printed. We then went on to make the changes and do some research on what you have to do to images and text for the Riso printer. So the text and the image had to be on a separate page if you want them to be different colours, it also has to be a certain point size.

After these changes it’s was finally ready to print. You have to print the images out in black and white so that the Riso printer can pick up the contrast of the colours.

I decided to print the main image in this pinky/red colour and it came out so nicely. I was going to do blue for the type but decided on red again, which came out amazingly.




Dialogue: Graphic User Interface

Today we mostly focused on what a Graphic User Interface (GUI) is, it’s a type of interface that lets it’s user interact with it to complete a goal. It turns out that a lot of things can be classified as a graphical user interface. Lightswitch, a turnstile, a cash machine, vending machine. We looked around the university and went out into the surrounding area to look for GUI’s and take pictures of them to put into a descriptive mood board, that explains a specific graphic user interface. We chose to focus on the Santander bikes.


Dialogue: Persona Map of me summarised

So for my Map app, I have chosen to map the restaurants in London that my brother has taken me too.  I am going to represent the restaurant through the food/dishes that we had. So I’ve started looking into food photography, such as Mowie Kay ( who has done a lot of projects for English supermarkets.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 17.19.03.jpg

I’ve also looked and read this book called Food Player, thoroughly. This book presents you with so many companies and practitioners who have used food in unconventional ways. Another thing I looked into was other food apps and their colour palettes and the ways they represent food.


Although food photography is very cool and I would love to explore it more, realistically making and getting food for all the restaurant me and my brother have been to is a mammoth task so I want to look into other ways I could represent the food.


Dialogue: Time management and Video editing

Tuesday was actually really fun, we were given the task of planning our morning into time slots of tasks that we had to get done. I’m rubbish as time management and getting things done in an allotted time, so this is something I’m definitely going to carry on in the future.

In the afternoon we got to grips with Adobe premiere using stock clips. We watch a video on different types on film cuts and then had to create our own short film from these stock clips only using a type of cut.

This was the video we watch on film cuts.

Dialogue: Grids and Buildings

This Friday’s lesson we went back to basics with typography. At the beginning we had a short presentation by Sara on typography rules and the things to do and not to do with type. We the went out into the surrounding area of the University and took pictures of building focusing on the grids the the hold and the grids that they make. We also took a few picture of grids inside the University.


After taking the pictures we moved on to Indesign and made grids on some of the images we had taken. From this we used some sample text and placed it within the grids making sure that it fit with the image and the grid itself. We created two documents per picture one just of the grid and the text and one of the image text and the grid.


Here is an example of one of the images with the sample text and grid. I stupidly did the grid in black at first, however I later changed it to white.

Dialogue Studio: Group tutorials and Project research

I was kind of dreading Friday’s because I felt like my ideas weren’t solid enough and didn’t really have any potential. However the night before I actually came up with the idea to base my app on the restaurants that my brother has taken me to.

On Friday we had a small group discussion about our ideas bouncing ideas bak and forth, then Ricardo sat down with us to chat about our ideas and see how we could really solidify them and give them potential. It was also really good to hear other peoples ideas, there is a wide range of potential in the class.


These are some of the things that I wrote down during the lesson and some of Ricardo’s feed back.

Dialogue Studio: Applied arts marathon

I found Friday’s task really hard, I’m such an overthinker so when is comes to things that you should do quickly and simply I usually end up doing the complete opposite and get nowhere.

There were three tasks within this marathon and we had to do 50 outcomes, the first was to do with beauty and we had to take photos of things we or other find beautiful. Well, that was the basis of it. Another one was to redesign a movie poster using one element of design and one principle of design. The last task was to do with self-portraits, we had to create a self-portrait that described an aspect of ourselves but using visual metaphors.

So each had their own difficulties and I quickly decided which was my favourite (easiest).


Here is an example of the second task, these are two variations of a poster for Silence of the Lambs, I think I prefer the one on the right but I don’t think either represent Silence of the Lambs very well. I also realised after I had finished both posters that I have use two principles of design rather than a principle and an element, so I didn’t get off to a great start.




All images used are my own.